Brockton Library Foundation

Members of the Foundation raise funds to support Brockton Public Library.

Members fundraise and provide grants for library programs. We meet the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Trustee Meeting Room at the Main Branch unless otherwise announced. Sign up for our emails to stay in contact!

The Brockton Library Foundation is a non-profit is a 501 c3 community group that helps to support special library programs, such as Everyone Has a Voice Poetry, book discussions, children’s events, and the museum pass program. The Foundation also raises money for renovations in our library buildings. 

Managing the Swartz Book Store & regular Book Sales as well as other events and fundraising keep us hopping!  2022 we organized our first Evening of Elegance Gala, which was a huge hit!

Join today: your membership and energy is needed to keep our programing vibrant and relevant.  Your membership dues help support all Brockton library locations.

BL Foundation Membership DriveTo Join:

Fill out Membership Form on-line  below or download and fill out this PDF to mail to : Brockton Library Foundation, Inc. Post Office Box 202 Brockton, MA 02303

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  4. The Brockton Library Foundation thrives with active volunteers.
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After I join, then what?

Increase your impact: Attend monthly planning meetings. You help the library, and have a great time. Active members assist with activities in support of the Brockton Public Library.   Your help with any events  at the library and elsewhere in the community is  greatly appreciated. We need your support.

Charitable Bequests

 Please consider naming the Brockton Library Foundation, Inc as a beneficiary under your will or planned giving instrument.  The beneficiary should be designated as: Brockton Library Foundation, Inc., a 501 C3 nonprofit corporation organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and having a principal address of P.O. Box 202 Brockton, MA 02303

 The purpose of the Brockton Library Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization that shall consist of individuals and businesses interested in improving the resources and services of the Brockton Public Library System. 100% of your donation benefits the Brockton Public Library System.


2024 Foundation Officers and Executive Board Members

Officers: Donna Frett, President;  Richard Reid, Vice-President Nicole Green, Treasurer; unfilled, Secretary

Executive Board:  Catherine Bloodworth, Richard Duval,  Tyler Granson, Catherine McDonagh  Dick Nagle, Catherine Silva, Necasty Vilnaigre

  Email: Brockton Library Foundation.         

      Brockton Library Foundation

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