Whodunit in New England

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Author Character First in series
Aldyne, Nathan Dan Valentine and Clarisse Lovelace
(gay bartender and amateur sleuth)
Banks, Oliver Amos Hatcher
(P.I. of international art crimes)
Rembrandt panel
Barnes, Linda Carlotta Carlyle
(P.I., part time taxi driver)
A trouble of fools
Belfort, Sophie Molly Rafferty
(history professor)

Nick Hannibal
(homicide police detective)
Lace curtain murders
Boyer, Rick Doc Adams
(oral surgeon, amateur sleuth)
Billingsgate shoal
Chaput, W.J. Ozzie Barrett
(banker turned fisherman)
Dead in the water
Cluster, Dick Alex Glauberman
(40 year old foreign car mechanic)
Return to sender
Collins, Eliza G. Helen Greene
(art gallery owner)
Going, going, gone
Conant, Susan Holly Winter
(writer, dog trainer, amateur sleuth)
A new leash on death
Craig, Philip J.W. Jackson
(ex-Boston cop)
A beautiful place to die
Daniel, David Alex Rasmussen
(ex-cop, private investigator)
The heaven stone
Doolittle, Jerome Tom Bethany
(private investigator)
Body scissors
Flora, Kate Thea Kozak
(educational consultant, amateur sleuth)
Chosen for death
Healy, Jeremiah John Francis Cuddy
(private investigator)
Blunt darts
Hopkins, Roland Jonathan Dark
(private investigator)
Snowball in hell
Kallen, Lucille C.B. Greenfield and Maggie Rome
(publisher and chief reporter)
Introducing C.B. Greenfield
Katz, Jamie Dan Kardon
Dead low tide
Kelly, Susan Liz Connors
(free-lance writer)

Jack Lingemann
(Cambridge homicide detective)

The gemini man
Kemelman, Harry Rabbi David Small
(amateur sleuth)
Friday the Rabbi slept late
Kemprecos, Paul Aristotle (Soc) Socarides
(fisherman, detective)
Cool blue tomb
Kiker, Douglas Mac MacFarland
Murder on clam pond
Kilmer, Nicholas Fred Taylor and Clayton Reed
(art agent and art collector)
Harmony in flesh and black
Klein, Zachary Matt Jacob
(streetwise private investigator)
Still among the living
Knight, Kathryn Lasky Carlista Jacobs and Charley
(young widow, children’s illustrator and 13 year old computer whiz son)
Trace elements
Lamb, J. Dayne Teal Stewart
(female amateur financial sleuth)
Questionable behavior
Langton, Jane Homer Kelly
(Harvard professor, sleuth)
Dark Nantucket moon
Lawrence, Kelly Brian Desmond
(private investigator)
The gone shots
Lee, Wendi Angela Matelli
(ex-marine, private investigator)
The good daughter
Lehane, Dennis Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro
(tough talking, hard playing P.I.s)
A drink before the war
Logan, Margaret Dodge Hackett
(teacher, sleuth)
C.A.T. caper
Logan, Margaret Olivia Chapman
(decorator, sleuth)
End of an alchemist
Luber, Philip Harry Kline
(psychiatrist and author)
Forgive us our sins
MacLeod, Charlotte Sarah Kelling and Max Bittersohn
(husband and wife art detectives)
Family vault
MacLeod, Charlotte Professor and Helen Shandy
(agricultural professor and his wife)
Rest you merry
Maness, Larry Jake Eaton and Watson
(private investigator and his dog)
Nantucket revenge
Matthews, Francine Merry Folger
(police detective)
Death in the off-season
Michaels, Grant Stan Kraychik
(“flighty” gay hairdresser)
A body to dye for
Neely, Barbara Blanche White
(black maid, amateur sleuth)
Blanche on the lamb
Oleksiw, Susan Joe Silva
(chief of police)
Murder in Mellingham
Osborn, David Margaret Barlow
(50-something amateur sleuth)
Murder on Martha’s Vineyard
Page, Katherine Hall Faith Sibley
(caterer, minister’s wife, amateur sleuth)
Body in the belfry
Parker, Robert Spenser and Hawk
(thinking man’s P.I. and associate)
Godwulf manuscript
Philbrick, W.R. J.D. Hawkins and Megan Drew
(wheel chair bound crime writer and his lifemate)
Shadow kills
Pickard, Nancy Jenny Cain
(director of civic foundation, amateur sleuth)
No body
Press, Margaret Det. Sgt. Gabriel Dunn
(police detective)
Requiem for a postman
Reeves, Robert Thomas Theron
(English professor turned detective)
Doubting Thomas
Roos, Kelley Timothy O’Hara
(private investigator)
Murder on Martha’s Vineyard
Smith, Richard C. James Maxfield Mallory
(private investigator)
A secret singing
Stephan, Leslie Sergeant Putnam
(police sergeant)
Murder R.F.D.
Tapply, William Brady Coyne
(lawyer, sleuth)
Death at Charity’s Point
Taylor, Phoebe Atwood Asey Mayo
(sleuth, former handyman)
The Cape Cod mystery
Thomas-Graham, Pamela Nikki Chase
(black, Harvard economics professor)
Darker shade of crimson
Thomson, Maynard F. Nason Nichols (private investigator) Trade secrets
Wells, Tobias Knute Severson
(Boston detective and later, Wellesley police chief)
A matter of love and death
Wilkinson, Sandra Rosemary Cleveland
(hospital assistant administrator,                                amateur sleuth)
Death on call


Author Character First in series
Berenson, Laurien Melanie Travis
(amateur sleuth, poodle owner)
A pedigree to die for
Dank, Gloria Bernard Woodruff  & Snooky
(writer and his brother-in-law)
Friends to the end
Forrest, Richard Lyon Wentworth & Bea
(children’s author and his state senator wife)
A child's garden of death
Handler, David Stewart “Hoagy” Hoag
(celebrity ghostwriter)
Man who died laughing
McGaughey, Neil Stokes Moran
(mystery book reviewer)
Otherwise known as murder
Ripley, Ann Louise Eldridge
(horticultural sleuth)
Sipherd, Ray Jonathan Wilder
Dance of the scarecrows
Wolzien, Valerie Susan Henshaw
(housewife, PTA vice-president)
Murder at the PTA luncheon


Author Character First in series
Borthwick, J.S. Sarah Deane & Alex McKenzie
(English college Professor & doctor husband)
Case of the hook-billed kites.
Boyle, Gerry Jack McMorrow
Knight, Phyllis Lil Ritchie
(female private detective)
Switching the odds.
Meier, Leslie Lucy Stone
(amateur sleuth, mother of 4)
Tippy-toe murder.
Morrison, B.J. Jane Lamb & Elizabeth Lamb
(secretary & 8 year old daughter)
Champagne and a gardner.
Rich, Virginia Mrs. Eugenia Potter
(amateur sleuth)
Cooking school murders.
Saum, Karen Brigid Donovan
(amateur sleuth, 50-ish recovering alcoholic)
Murder is relative.

New Hampshire

Author Character First in series
Dubois, Brendan Lewis Cole
(columnist for Boston newspaper)
Dead sand.
Sherman, Steve Hugh Quint
(ex Boston cop)
Maple sugar murders.
Rhode Island
Author Character First in series
Briody, Thomas Gately Michael Carolina
(TV journalist/reporter)
Rogue’s Isles.
Rosen, Richard Harvey Blissberg
(Providence ballplayer, Cambridge P.I.)
Strike three, you’re dead.

Author Character First in series
Comfort, Barbara Tish McWhinney
(amateur sleuth)
Cashmere kid
Mayor, Archer Lt. Joe Gunther
(police lieutenant)
Open season
Salter, Anna Dr. Michael Stone
(female forensic psychologist)
Shiny water
Smith, Alison Judd Springfield
(chief of police)
Someone else’s grave.
Wright, Nancy Means Ruth Willmark
(amateur sleuth)
Mad season.


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