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The library offers many materials and activities for children of all ages. The children's collection includes a variety of fun and interesting books, sound recordings, videos and magazines, as well as materials in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and several other languages.


At all three library locations, children can use computers to look up books in the catalog, access databases to help them with their homework, and type papers for school. Filtered Internet access is also provided for children in sixth grade and under.

Library Cards

All children are eligible for a library card as soon as they are able to print their first and last name. A child's application must be signed by a parent, grandparent or legal guardian. Students in seventh grade and older are eligible for adult library cards.


The Children's Department offers library tours and/or storytelling sessions for classrooms, child care centers, Scouts and other groups. The tours are available by appointment only, and group leaders are urged to call at least two weeks ahead of time to schedule a tour. 

The Children's Librarian is also available to visit classrooms as time allows.

Call the Children's Department at 580-7890 for more information.

Parent and Teacher Resources

A parents shelf, containing books on a wide range of topics for parents and teachers, is available in the Children's Room of the main library. 

Teachers and parents are also encouraged to check out our science kits, funded by a Science Reference Grant from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners. The multimedia kits offer a fun way for students to explore a scientific subject in depth. 


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